Hey fellow predictors, Trevor Anderson here, Movie Maverick and Box Office Ace concierge with the box office report. Currently on the prediction block is M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth starring the Smith boys. Then we have the magic thriller Now You See Me.

After Earth is being promoted with the Smith’s (Will and son Jaden) names in big letters without director M. Night Shyamalan appearing on some posters at all. There was a time when M. Night was touted as the next Spielberg, but he’s sullied his name to the point that it can be a detriment to a film’s advertising rather than a plus. Luckily this movie will hinge on the always on star power of Will Smith, and the newly shining star of son Jaden Smith, with Shyamalan as nothing more than a hired gun. While the film does look like every other science fiction fantasy Hollywood has flooded the market with, it doesn’t look bad. Todd Thatcher of All My Life… I Wanted To Be A Blogster is predicting $39.1M, which seems reasonable as Oblivion opened with $37M a month ago. The current Box Office Ace prediction average stands at $34,002,835 from 20 predictions.

Now You See Me is a fresh idea in a sea of super hero and epic science fiction fare. That being said it’s from Summit and is being carried by a large cast of ‘B’ actors supplemented with some older well-known actors. We have Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, and Michael Caine. While Now You See Me looks very intriguing, I’d be hard pressed to say it can open well against the competition it’ll be facing from holdovers this weekend. Todd Thatcher is putting this at $14.2M, which I feel may be a tad too low, but definitely within reason. The current Box Office Ace prediction average stands at $21,217,324 from 19 predictions.

You can read Todd’s in-depth posts about his predictions here:


zwackerm took first place in this record-breaking Memorial Day weekend, off by a combined $17,778,356. Joe Giuliano took second with a combined $21,164,195 off the mark. This was an interesting weekend with one film performing as expected, one over-performing and one under-performing.

Epic performed as well as any other standard 3D animated fare pulling in $42.8M for the four-day haul. Finally I got one right on the head with a $43M prediction earning me first spot on the leaderboard. danielprinn was second with $42.3, Joe Giuliano was third with $44M and rappalittle rounded out fourth with $44.5M. The top ten spots had predictions ranging from $37.5M to $45.5M. Some people still had no faith in Epic as the last five spots had predictions of $30M to $25M.

Fast & Furious 6 over-performed with its four-day haul of $117M, making Universal’s push to the Memorial Day weekend a great move. I’m a little angry at myself as going into last week I had this set at $120M, and then the Hangover 3 spooked me into lowering my prediction to $101.7M at the last-minute. Joe Giuliano took first place with a prediction of $115M, zwackerm was second with $111,375,688 and our own Movie Maverick Jason Rugaard nabbed third with $109M.

The Hangover Part III was unable to help itself by opening a day earlier as it earned a low $62M for it’s five-day haul. This is much less than I expected, no doubt a combination of Fast & Furious 6 stealing away any audience left wanting to see this threequel after the dismal second outing. celinacakes nailed the opening with a $62M prediction, off by only $51,789. This was a close race though as Kim Jung Ull came in second with $62.7M and movieman_redux in third with $63M. Predictions ranged from $50M to $150M.

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